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Check out the latest on Wisconsin sports with new episodes dropping weekday mornings at 5am!

02.27.24 – Brewers vs Angels Three Inning Watch Party!

Catching up on the topics of the day regarding Wisconsin sports with a heavy focus on the Milwaukee Brewers as they are televised on TV for the first time this season. We watch along and react!

02.25.24 – Milwaukee Bucks look focused post All-Star break against Timberwolves, in Doc Rivers return to Philadelphia

Bart jumps on YouTube to talk Bucks basketball after a successful weekend against the Timberwolves and Sixers, Hot Take Jake joins

02.22.24 – MmmHm/Mm-mm: Marshall Eckblad is a terrible writer with terrible opinions

Bart, Grant, and Paul discuss why anyone who considers themselves a Brewers fan would even entertaining rooting for Craig Counsell. Plus, the Bucks terrible All-Star week and voicemails!

02.20.24 – Stop getting caught up in the Bucks drama, Brewers Spring Training thoughts with Tim Shea

Bart is back for the weekly Tuesday show to plead with people to stop letting every little bit of Bucks news affect your life in the way that it has been. Plus, talking some Brewers optimism with old friends Tim Shea and Cone. 

02.15.24 – MmHmm/Mm-mm: How much do we trust the Bucks? Who will win the Super Bowl next year if not the 49ers or Chiefs?

Grant and Paul stop by the show to talk about Grant's experience on Radio Row, plus debate about the Bucks title chances. Plus, which team has the best odds to make the Super Bowl next season and where do the Packers rank in that conversation?

02.13.24 – Super Bowl recap, Giannis in the MVP race, Ramie Makhlouf

Bart is comin' at ya on a Tuesday to sift through the fallout of the Super Bowl between the 49ers and Chiefs, as well as to talk Bucks and some comedy with Ramie Makhlouf

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