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Bart Winkler

Bart has been involved in media across Wisconsin for nearly twenty years, working as a TV reporter in La Crosse, a morning music radio jock in Fond du Lac, and a sports talk radio show host in Milwaukee. In addition to the podcast, you can also hear him occasionally on CBS Sports Radio nationwide. He claims to have 20/10 vision.


Tim Shea

Tim was a long time employee for the Milwaukee Brewers in their gameday operations. It’s no coincidence that their front office has unraveled after he left. He is the backbone of whatever operation he is a part of, including this one. You might find Tim delivering your food or giving you a ride, as gig driving is one of his many passions. Unrelated, he was recently carjacked.

Tobi Altizer

Tobi was a longtime producer with Bart in Milwaukee before he spread his wings and flew back to the DMV. It is the hope of many that Tobi is the quality producer for his new station that we know he can be, rather than seeing him give the halfway effort he gave Bart as he would frequently be watching NFL All-22 tape rather than be doing anything productive. 

Paul Imig

Paul has worn a number of media hats over the years but is most widely remembered as the frontman for Remember The Day. He lives by the motto, “So if you’re not satisfied tonight, make up your mind . Or soon you’ll end up as only an afterthought”. He is a distant cousin of Steven Newsman.

Grant Bilse

Grant is one of the many that have an ownership stake in the Green Bay Packers, and frankly one of the smarter ones. He is the only member of his generation to have listened to more than twenty cumulative seconds of Yacht Rock in his life. Get in on the ground floor and catch him weekday afternoons on the Wisconsin Sports Zone Radio Network, it will be akin to having listened to Howard Stern in the 80’s.

Ryan Horvat

As Joliet Catholic’s finest son, Ryan Horvat never saw a bet he didn’t like. His family has a deep history in Milwaukee radio, which no one figured out how to capitalize on because the radio scene in southeastern Wisconsin is bunk. He now gives out his freebies for Bet MGM Tonight as part of the Horvatacy Network. He frequently texts both friends and enemies alike “could you beat Aaron Rodgers in a fight” when he is drinking.

Klay Thompson

Klay is a four-time NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors and one of the most prolific three-point shooters the game has ever seen. He has no affiliation with the show, we just like to brag that we had him on once. 

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