Cody Rhodes says his initial interaction with Sami Zayn’s Bloodline storyline has been one of his favorite moments in WWE

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In an interview with The Bart Winkler Show, Cody Rhodes talked about his transition back to WWE, if he feels the Heavyweight Championships should continue to stay unified, and also how much he’s loved the crossover in storylines with Sami Zayn and The Bloodline.

“One thing you can’t deny in the… pro wrestling game is noise and numbers. These are the two things that I always (say), noise and numbers. And what surprised me was when Sami had unbelievable noise, unbelievable numbers, and myself I had unbelievable noise, unbelievable numbers… what surprises me is that anyone looked at that (and said) that could be tricky.

To me, hats off to Triple H and to Ed Koskey, because I wanted to see. (If) he’s doing exceptional and he’s on his way to his hometown to potentially be my WrestleMania (opponent)… let’s find out. And let’s find out in a market like New York City. Kudos to everyone who made it happen because I loved that moment.

You know as a kid growing up watching wrestling I loved… when the good guys we’re good guys together. Right? You know, yeah there’s tension behind the scenes. Hell yeah it’s awkward. Hell yeah there’s money involved and stuff. But if the fans love you and they love him, put them together. Don’t don’t run from that. And no one ran from it and I thought that was really special.

It also made it clear (that we have) two different stories. One story has been enthralling viewers on both brands and is unique in terms of human nature and emotion. The other story is about a title belt dating back to 1977. It was one of those situations where things can go either way and I like that. Fans deserve a little bit of spontaneity. It’s been one of my favorite moments.”

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